As a Christian owned company, we endevor to spread the good news of Jesus Christ though word and deed to all mankind. We believe that giving back both to our local community and the world is vital to our success. It is an ideal we practice and teach.

Company Missions

Each Quarter, Pennington and Trim staff participate in missions work in the local area. It's our way of giving back to the community.

To the right are photos of recent missions activities.

  • MS Food Network - April 2014 - Pennington & Trim served @ the MS Food Network this month. Giving back to the community is at the heart of what we do!
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringer - December 2013 - P&T rang the bell for The Salvation Army for the day. This is a great cause, they do so much!
  • Wingard House - October 2013 - P&T had the privilege of helping out the Wingard House this month. We were able to set up bunk beds & clean out & organize a cooler. This is a wonderful ministry that has been in operation for over 20 years in Jackson. The Wingard Home houses women, children, pregnant teens, men, and whole families who are homeless, living in dire straits, displaced, or abandoned. Those they help must be willing and able to seek and secure fulltime employment and be willing to follow the house rules.
  • Clinton Community Christian Corporation - July 2013 - Pennington & Trim joined forces with Clinton Community Christian Corporation (The 4 C’s) and worked with the Meals On Wheels program and delivered meals to senior citizens in the Clinton area.
  • Animal Rescue Fund - April 2013 - Pennington & Trim did their quarterly company mission outreach to ARF (Animal Rescue Fund) this month. We were able to walk dogs, play with the cats and help build a handicap ramp for their facilities.
  • Flowood Chamber of Commerce Chili Cookoff - February 9, 2013 - P&T supporting our local Rankin County volunteer firemen w/ Ed’s famous chili
  • Local Police & Fire Departments - December 2012 - we delivered gift bags to our local police & fire departments.
  • Salvation Army - November 2012 - P&T ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.
  • Home Automation Training - Pennington & Trim Alarm training on home automation. If you are interested or have any questions please call our office @ 601-939-5231.
  • Healing Touch - October 2012 - We helped clean & box up items for this local ministry who will soon be moving to a south Jackson location.
  • FEMA cottage for State Fire Academy - May 2012 - Pennington & Trim along with equipment donated from their partner of choice, Honeywell, finished the FEMA cottage for the State Fire Academy. The purpose of the project is to show how a commercial fire alarm system is to be correctly installed. This will help train fire inspectors who will be participating in this training from all over the state of Mississippi.
  • Stewpot - August 2012 - We were able to serve lunch at a local ministry called Stewpot Community Services. (no photos available)
  • Healing Touch - March 2012 - We helped clean & organize this local ministry & serve lunch for a fund raiser.
  • Madison Ark Animal Shelter - December 2010 - we went to Madison Ark Animal Shelter & volunteered to walk dogs, play with the kittens & cats as well as donate cat & dog food to help keep up their supply.
  • Blair Batson Children’s Hospital – September 2010 - we went to the Blair Batson Children’s Hospital to visit & play with the children.  We were able to donate three boxes of toys and games.
  • Healing Touch Ministries - April 2010 - we were able to participate in a ministry called Healing Touch Ministries, located in Brandon, MS. We helped set up a Thrift Store and painted a hallway.
  • Ronald McDonald House - April 2010PDF file - as a community service outreach we sent a team of our technicians to upgrade the burglar & fire system at The Ronald McDonald House in downtown Jackson. This was done as a gift to The Ronald McDonald House.
  • Catholic Charities - February 2010 - we partnered with Catholic Charities and were able to make improvements on one of their homes that are used for a ministry to young mothers.  In the few hours that we were there we painted a hallway, foyer, living room, dining room, and kitchen. We were also able to donate the installation of a fire alarm. Catholic Charities - Spring 2010 newsletter PDF file
  • Stewpot Kitchen - October 2009 - we had the opportunity to give back to our community by working with Stewpot Kitchen in downtown Jackson.  We were able to help serve, feed, and provide gift bags to 75 – 100 people in need.

Owner Missions

Ed and Dana Trim are dedicated to foriegn missions and make trips abroad frequently. Kenya and Romania are a few of the places they have traveled to help spread the Gospel.

  • Two More Wells Finished - February
    With the recent completion of two more wells in India, we helped Embassy of Hope dig a total of THREE wells providing water to needy people throughout India and providing opportunities to share with them about living water - the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
  • Wells in India - January
    We have been working to complete three wells in India. The first of those three wells is now complete!!
  • India 2013
    We came to India with a larger than normal group this year. Some of our team went to Delhi to work with over 2000 orphans. Others went to a Nation Shakers Conference where many pastors and graduates of the bible school we support attended. Dana and I did four workshops there on marriage and family. Part of our team left there and did outdoor crusades and ministered in churches in the southern part of the country. The second part of the trip we went to Bangalore where the bible school is located. Dana and I ministered in the main church service that Sunday and taught in the bible school on Monday. Our team slowly arrived from other parts of India and also taught in the school. Dana and I were invited to do another church service on Tuesday night that week for another church in Bangalore. We had Kids Club on Wednesday night. Friday night we have a youth rally and Dana will minister mainly to women at an outdoor crusade at a different location. I am working on getting a second water well done in a village about 8 hrs. away that desperately needs water. We hope to complete this project in the next two weeks. Our next stop is Mumbai, the largest city in India. Everyone has been extremely busy, but we've done a tremendous amount of Kingdom Business in a short time.
  • India - October 2012

    We left October 22nd for a three week trip to India. While there, we spent time doing workshops at a Pastor's Conference, visiting orphans and teaching in the Bible School. Before we left the U.S., we were able to raise over $25,000 to build 2 wells in Bangalore, a community of 200,000 that was in desperate need of water. We had a team of 9 people that went on this mission trip. India is truly a great harvest and we really enjoyed our time there taking care of some "Kingdom business".

  • India - April 2012

    We went to India with our good friend, Pastor Kevin Cooley, on a mission trip. We were able to minister at a Pastor's Conference on marriage on our 26th wedding anniversary. The whole time we were there we helped with a "Church Makeover", painting walls, ceilings, doors, etc. We had the opportunity to minister to a cell group of about 20 people in a Pastor's home. We spoke on tithing at the conference and at the Sunday church service. We loved the people and look forward to our next trip back to India this fall.

    • The Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA - August 2010 -

      The Dream Center is a non-profit outreach dedicated to helping inner-city Los Angeles.  Their ministry provides hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs.  They provide food, clothing, shelter, life rehabilitation, education, and job training, Biblical training and much more through their 273 ministries and outreaches.
      Our mission team of 12 went there for a week in August and helped them in many areas of their ministries.  "I will always remember what these eyes saw on skid row, and always thank God for our many blessings we sometimes take for granted" says Ed.

    • Bogotá, Columbia - March 2010 -

      In March 2010 we went to South America for the first time on a mission trip to Bogata, Columbia.  We did a lot in the area of Ministry of Helps.  We went and spoke at several public schools.  We did some street ministry, including performing drama skits and handing out Gospel Tracts.  Bogata is a city with a population of 9 million.  We are planning on going back to South America in the near future to Peru!

    • Kenya Africa - January 2010 - Summary: With the $15,000 we raised for this mission trip, we built a church in a small village that has no electricity or running water. We also fed the whole village rice and beans after the crusade for 5 straight days. We purchased 50 new mattresses and linens for the bible school students of Bungoma Bible School as well as enough food for each student to eat for a whole year. This was our fifth mission trip to Kenya.
      Nekesa (Bungoma Bible School newsletter) - about the trip above.